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Proxy Dream (Other People Records 2017)

   Are they truly a Melodic Rock within the beaches-based angst and weather reports changing like the winds that goes from softer to hardening and annoys you at one time differences as challenge over-viewed through the dry-flower of itchy grass natural off the lens around Redondo Beach telling the stories about Ambient Post-Rock and Grunge power pops in performance from the quartet: Fleming, Vince, Chris and Chad currently, blasting the commemoration by the hilly sands and hotter sunny coasts looking that Modern Color drawing within their screaming hard and angry caution counts as Time Slips Behind Us portraying the one eye wisdom character just floating in the mid-air as one may enlightenment themselves if they’re really wanted to change as the distortion lapse to the riff-age buzzing taste of poisonous leaking good na├»ve ideas from the youth of hysteria world turning extrovert like this band did. If they’re not screaming out there’s going to be a good singing vocalization and jangling sweeter sounds of music like Keepsake, No Praise or further down the anger-stations lyrics exchange over Wool, In Passing, Life Without Peace or Spring Again and Not Here. The creation caught external moments feels like an Open Wound.

Time Slips Behind Us: