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Professa Deadroom (Bandcamp 2017)

   Closed to the path of illumination conspires over thus clever/smart lyrics written and performs watch yourself not liking this or might easily glued within the rhyming shakers to life’s poetic justice news within the daily issues about global or local elects for choosing the new community boards representing all race colors and Hip-Hop producer from Perrine, Florida as known to be born as Jimmy Lily Jr. doing his production high classy Rap-Gangsta and Hip-Hop Alternative over the stop-by pit as Lord Gamma as the latest releasing records on this new fucking millennium displays on those nineteen recording tracks back and forth in wisdom, angst, questions and opportunity gate that must be opened for mankind no matter what in USA. 

   Underground rhythmic beats, swirling smokes and the samurai doing the Fatal Strike using the invisible shadows movement and brought you the delicious rhyming follows these Classic Master Gamma Bunta, MIc Skills (feat…Jon Wilson, L.M.S, Apakalypse straight towards more protester messages about black lives matters everywhere as the uprising colored brothers and sisters begun to destroying white people’s fundamental views in society and Hip-Hop/Rap becoming Master Supreme, The True Master and Shadow Soldiers (feat….Apakalypse did the professional fusion for the Miami-style meets the streets as Gun Powder Bars of Death (Feat… Apakalypse) and Dark Side (feat…Atma) creates Impulse Electrical and Shadow Figure spiritual of heroic samurai going ronin since the day of battles and betrayal started.

Fatal Strike: