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Pont Esprit Abandonne (Tape Farm Records 2018)

Punkish Surf filling Electrobillies Techno twirking the Alternative tension trapped through this Psychodelic quartet musician nuts known as LN-VR for chants/potential rotating meters, Lobster for guitars/hurling, Matteo on contra-bass/hurdles to Paul on drums/percussions for thus influences around Le Prince Harry, Babane Metalik or Messer Chups did the ensemble tricking their ways on writing much noisy songs and loud-beating music; straight from Saint Quen, France rowdy riding smoldering things in the way formatted slightly silly and madder tracks over the releasing record entitled Tension Palpable as Princesse Napalm.

The four headed drag-queen personalities shaking the hands of another mutated security force because the world also getting weirder all the time means something parable by parallel universe crossed within 75016 (On Te Baise), Randonue, Ecocup$ to 1000Euro goes further attacking you from the stereo crazed for about the mixed tourette’s inflammation registered for only strange people society enjoying the disturbance of music there from the band’s special delivery.

Tension Palpable: