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Pnyx Aigis Tmesis (Apollon Records 2017)

   Combines thus well-wrought on accomplished musician and friendships creation over lyrics of the wise and youth Prog-Post Rock’s Norway as the quartet crew of Atmospheric piece of full body music modern Alt-Rock to minimalist Classical meeting to Jazz and Prog-Rock of the 70’s idiosyncratic and substantial of The Glutton calls us to try listening to Outliers; the recording album which put Space Rock dimension imaginable to access as less shoreline finally meeting the border walls under the cloud and natural birds cannot speak to tell humanity about secrecy hidden behind the old history learnt by times at school are lies.

   Celebrates - Soliterrity, Inkswell, Pebbles Smooth and Round, Ode or Herse or Feuerstein and Prekambrium means the dealing facts needs to share openly free for everyone just like the musical programs did to the audiences. Still don’t want to believe the true facts that kept secret by the authority, friends ?