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Perfect Mother (Epic 1994)

   Barbara Trzetrzelewska goes soloist after several times spending with Matt Bianco means the offshoot figure of this local Polish woman wanted to expressing herself within her own lyrics and musical project for you and those whom liking the way she embarks as Basia telling the world of Pop all about themes to listening for relaxation time or hang-out to the early nineties era kinds of sounds over downtempo Smooth Jazz and Synth-Pop dance tunes being arranged with Danny White through this third recording music package in dreamy type of painting art-cover ala Eastern Europe bohemian-scape and drowning deep onto thus lovely beats and sophomore modern character musical within this album – The Sweetest Illusion. 

   From the progress format and popular tunes to the Classic ones grown within the record would have you liking some of the tracks like She Deserves It/Rachel’s Wedding that taste pleasantly smooth as satin or Drunk On Love or Third Time Lucky that counts for her appearance to entertain your local club in jazzy kinds of way. 

Collecting Basia’s music would be a good way for you to adding collection tunes that reminds us about the beloved nineties era fells alright. 

The Sweetest Illusion: