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Paradigm St. John (Universal Republic 2010)

   Ben Moody separating his ways after a further conflicts with his semi-legendary band and Amy Lee in the most torturing moments and tear-up situation found back his path by a remedial building compact new project band with John LeCompt, Marty O’Brien and Rocky Gray as recruiting Carly Sarah Hennessy whose did her better performance even similar to the previous lead singer acts but powerful in looks and high pitched tones for Alternative Gothic Metal and Symphonic Rock as We Are The Fallen goes public and reminiscent the super dreams continuity of Ben Moody’s ego to stand tall. Ruins and white-dressed woman looking sadder might describing a bit about Evanescence without him and the forward rock-anthems leading the group to force the head-banging of your minds and heads listening loud for Don’t Leave Me Behind, Bury Me Alive, Through Hell, I Will Stay or I Am Only One to the ballads that could be good hits – Sleep Well My Angel. 

   Tear The World Down really converting the lost and found times that left behind post the broken torn story of Ben Moody’s band but infamously, creates this new possible – legendary project living longer not short in moods again. 

Tear The World Down: