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Pantie Junk (Bandcamp 2008)

   For the silliness in liking the eccentric sounds discovery or becoming the products dairy off semi-legend names like The Pixies, Ween, Beck, The Violent Femmes and  The Dead Milkmen, Peaches to Mr. Bungle or the newer teams such as Shannon and The Clams, Maclamore, No Binny or Portugal The Man;  artists like Saucy Yoda wasn’t an actual loner over thus Riotgrrrl power-violence to the groovy Doo-Wop meets Hip-Hop and Rap-Pop modern before being sparying with Garage Punk rebels attitude that makes the Portland’s sounds of a grandma shaking the rumps aloud in the hot afternoon may mashing-up your feelings as festivals to bars to coffee cafĂ© and strip-clubs turning to a parade of barnyard hoes losers and rainbow warriors as this female figure brought her fantastic positive fun party music towards your dull corner alleys or neighborhood. Pushing boundaries as Return Of The Douche shows us the crazy Viking urban teenagers and horse-riding actions over the broken school bus and thirteen tracks getting ready to shaking your hips to dance like a motherfucker before tonight the planet’s blowing into pieces. 

   Feel sorry not and trying not to looks too guilty because with Saucy Yoda; wiser words may only flowing with thus rhythmic automatically tells how Knobhoppers witnessing Bertha vs Ursula cat-fights by the artist’s mouth for those whom wanna having a good time not dickheads. Listen as usual as Slimeball Drivebye, One-Legged Jesse, Grabage Pail Kid, White Lies onto Helmet Head and Rotten Oranges and Angel Weiners are the releasing without parental labeling and dolly grip got shot bleeding scene is just a scene ideas made by a non-popular slut female.

Return Of The Douche: