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Pandora’s Box (D-A-R-K Records 2010)

   Toxic Anger Syndrome or the alias of Jonas Hellqvist representing Sweden as either the collective Cut The Cheese in myspace or youtube-er Hellqvist for Mr. Jonas to re-creating his Psytrance experimenting sounds in non-stop gnarling face photo as well as the recording compliation via Once Upon A Time in the taste of total progressive trance-techno purposes converge within the monotonous beats of non-reversed tuning tracks arranged there based on Electronic and Psy-Trance fusion within the artwork cover creates by Melan Wastage and thus eight songs for the party hard non-stop conclusion and the early morning tiredness results happiness and satisfaction rather than hypocritical judgment telling us about Kick Ass, Southsons, 13 Days With Mary Jane as well as Tear Down The Pyramid and Water of Oblivion truly, digging the rest nest chest and traumatizing dark arts and illuminated messages behind the hidden instrumental tracks in Electro's poisonous lavender effects.

Once Upon A Time: