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Out Of Bullets (Varese Sarabande 2007)

   Imagine that you’re alone and cannot reach anyone to help you during the fourth of July celebration day as the week started as weird and dangerous as it can be because of the cyber-terrorists attack on American soil almost shockingly, interrupts citizens and the government into near-chaos experiences. Computer outage, shutting down of public infrastructure to the collapsing of the economy at wall street really gave FBI and US responding cyber-security to NSA facilities alerting themselves for the worst preparation as computer hackers on the watch-lists and assassin teams led by the former government I.T and security system Thomas Gabriel and Mai Lihn strikes the nation with their “Fire Sale” version of three level disable and destructive methods as no more transportation services or gas and electricity and water with the economy breach in a brink of colliding controls by them real quickly, causing panic and furor conditions in the busy streets and major cities. John McClane being asked by the FBI to be the NYPD detective to bring one of the suspect hacker Matthew Farrell from his apartment before being murdered as they going to Washington D.C revealing the algorithm specific crack of the system security and white hat purposes (that confusing old John McClane) to the fake broadcasting information about the terror attack designs and targets and urgent messages as the FBI convoy being badly attack by the helicopter ambush but McClane and Farrell escaped. 

Public hysteria and demolition of the utilities superstation by overloaded gas left US and Canada worsen condition with no power at the moment of fragility as the actions shown to the audience over the epic new millennium sequel to the merchandise on Die Hard 4.0 or Live Free Or Die Hard film as the direct shoot-out, car escapes and helicopter landing on the mysterious warlock mom’s house-yard displaying how again John McClane involved into such a terrible case to saves the day and her kidnapped daughter –Lucy too. 

   Marco Beltrami arranging compositions work for the original motion picture soundtrack adding the interests to watch more about the plot as chilling, eerie and suspense thrilled musical instrumentals such as Traffic Jam, Dead hackers, Leaving The Apartment, The Break-In, Copter Chase, Blackout, Illegal Broadcasting and Cold Cuts over Yippee Ki Yay tells all the motherfucker terrorists to pay attention and alarming themselves for messing with the wrong detective that day. Woodlawn facility breach and the facing enemies to the traceroute identity of the NSA hidden secret data server will definitely, either destroying the nations sent back to the stone age or stolen accounts of billions by the cyber-hackers leads McClane to pursuing Thomas Gabriel team on a rig-truck before being mistakenly, attacked by air strike from the US F-35 jet fighter. Still manage to survived, McClane goes alone saving Farrell and Lucy held kept as insurance to encrypting the codes in a nearby warehouse. 

Shoot out breaks with McClane shot his own shoulder to kill Gabriel instantly in chest. FBI tactical response team arrives and helping afterwards, the ambulance scene saw how Ferrell and Lucy had a romantic interests to each other while messy-wounded McClane closing the vehicle doors.