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Only Coin I Carry (Lakeshore Records 2018)

   There’s a moment when we almost caught back in a tangled web of deception that losed to starting the next world war as A.U.S submarine USS Tampa Bay which following an Akula-class Russian subs gone vanished in the arctic which mysteriously, leads to the new mission of investigation on the shoulder of the newly-promoted unorthodox commander Joe Glass for leading USS Arkansas submarine to go there almost nearly close to the same timing mission for Navy Seal team observing the Russian naval base by doing the HALO drop only to witnessing later, the defense minister conducting coup d’etat taking his own president Zakarin prisoner while trying to trigger wars with US. Hunter Killer based on action thriller novel as movie starring Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman and directed by Donovan Marsh isn’t a bad film after all cause the audience would always being underwater following the story and the near death experience to surviving while you’re being shot down by war-heads torpedo by the opponent within the music compositions from Trevor Morris channeling for the consistency track-lists like Under The Ice, Oceans Bottom, Final Countdown, Tajikistan, Victory/I’m Looking at Him as well as Glass Meets Beaman deeper dark floor of the sea or the shallow avoiding in precise away from the swarming of sea-mines during the small entrance of the hidden underwater ravine as well saving the captain and some crew off the sinking Russian subs. Destroyer attacks on USS Arkansas stopped by Capt. Andropov communication to force his troops hold the war while President Zakarin also carried inside the US subs going aboard to tell the world about the real event happening to his government that day. 

As the Durov’s naval base being subsequently, destroyed – the surviving crew respects themselves in a bid farewell, stopping both superpower countries from bigger confrontation.