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On Wax Dorada (XQRSNS Records 2017)


   Sealing the fundamental booming collection releases in a dedication of a visionary for the linked independent on Hip-Hop instrumental underground make sense onto the all tracks produced by Flakodiablo samplings blends off beautiful days or low textures relation to vibes and snare- kicks treatment which filling the inside project recording works through the tracks like Brazzy, Suite 1, Dreams So Real, A Relic From The Lost Place (instrumental) onto Shottie Smokin’ (instrumental) as well as Astrounautas shortly, over thus one to two minutes more duration that spreading the grooves and vibes to the atmosphere reminder for the audience kaleidoscope in Old-School Rap/Hip-Hop thang about urban lives themed there for Jazz Bap Shit. Highly, recommended for the listening after dark session and couple drinks on the parking lot quietness !

Jazz Bap Shit: