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Obvious Got It Made (Barsuk Records 2018)

   Matt Batey from Seattle, Washington confronting his own deep character analysis monologue written of music by the terms of healing or self-improvement stories onto failures and addictions behind specific anxiety to fear of lifelong immediate doing his own exposing spelled Alternative Pop sounds recording as bold, beautiful and great to showing the hurts and the threats within unearnest beats articulates harder but catchy as adapt. 

   Where gifted purposes melody and harmonies soaring brilliance relate-able as no platitude love tracks for plural/neutral genders painting the interior assertive and inspiring semi-heavy hooks and forward classic pop on Ruler project. Winning Star Champion put thus eleven songs onto your collectible popular Alternative Dream-Pop or Indie Rock performed by the man using his blue funny rain-jacket with many musician friends leaving crumbs allover your living room stereo corners for Cars and Houses, Petrified, Unhindered Pace, The Cure, Rule This as well as Always Running and Keep Moving – forcing you to sing along with the singer and creates the productive brain-cells for the album opens the possibility to be a positive thinker and inventor helping the world; steps by steps.

Winning Star Champion: