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Oblivion Another Way (Independent 2018)

   Martin Downing lower voice doing the sang-process for thus distorted and melodious weird strangely, lifting up via the musical boosts on Gothic Post-Punk or Indie Goth-Pop came from Newcastle upon Tyne place area as within blonde smart girl Jasmine Rains – the two recreates the out-post forming blends on Gothic Rock and Pop-Punk mix in between the borderline of coloring above and black n’ grey below surfaces as these UK unit duo releasing their own Decade possible tunes recording in digital album formats as august really gone to left behind and November dies while the wintery December in some parts getting ready to tell another type of stories that men should encountered in lives. 

   The sunflower growing until the peak of summer arrived and then, slowly dies in dry after the energy given back to the natural surrounding as music models and rhythmic slam pops within the effects around The Greatest Maze, Patience or for Protection with Landslide or New Beginnings finishing how Lost On Me project means a lot to listen for besides their scary giant howls lower protesting for life catching the time but releasing the fortunes to fate decide.