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Near East Landing (Not On Label 2010)

Forth installments creations off the great name picked by a group or duo this less-highlighted as Richard Cupolo and John Emanuele’s Post-Rock of US scene independently as The American Dollar reaches their good standard like the first shapes of thus golden archers of the donald’s brothers used to have in phoenix but as the looks from spacecraft lower flight shows us the crowded streets and highways inside rounded up a vast developing country’s city advancing and plural in diversity catches some changes for Electronic Ambient sounds on Ambient Two recording format that lending most of its instrumentals type-alike of Pink Floyd meets New Age and some New Age positive vibes for mysteries beyond skies and outer spaces conducts. 

Plus adding for Hip-Hop, Progressive to soundtrack-tunes circumstance circulated within title-tracks like Par Avion, Red Letter, Circuits, Shadows, Oil and Water, Age of Wonder or Flood – releasing the temptations of mankind exploring the unexplored charting spots or territory for a good meaning to find something precious just closer to this. 

Ambient Two: