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My Line Migos (Blue Collar Gang 2017)

   To be known in past use-information as the Maybach Music Group off Rick Ross crew rapping team is this Massillon, Ohio born afro-american man bared to not gone straight writing his own lyrics as news and tales of the urban community of Black-Americans had to dealing with everyday as Kyle Myricks being known later as Stalley toasting his rhythmic mike-check and challenges offensive offers in tunes of Hip-Hop beats commercially, not really but harsh in the both ways to attracts or to raising hate towards the recording on Tell The Truth: Shame The Devil as the flowin’ messages may leads you to the shot through the bulletproof jacket but as well turning the points of vision among young people to opening eyes and make good decisions on electing the future leaders or leading the nations off peace, prosperity and brave to the bones whilst the injustice roaming the streets, nigger selling niggers for constitutions or thick-solid fame in gold signs but oppressed people shall fights back starting the streets took over via Hip-Hop intelligence and rapper like this Stalley rhyming his mind and soul written and produced Jean Jacket, Turtle Van, Squattin’ and Green Eyed – low in profiles but anger kept in advance mind; mixing the tunes and a brand new rejection over the invitation came from the evil one disguising as the beauty and the infinite lights, has taken your heart and forcing you to stand down away from Stall God. 

Tell The Truth Shame The Devil: