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Mussbemental (Room2Records 2017)

   Manchester not just known for its infamous football club fans but as well good music do coming out from there just like this example of Mike Vidal project of Rap/Hip-Hop thang there as this UK talent recognizable as the admission character by the scrathes and intense groovy beats standard as Dubbul O whose going to charm you by his works along in solo peoject recording entitled Smoka-Motive watching the all tracks producing by Mankub; recorded/mixed and mastered by Kydro and artwork from Pockets would gladly, stop you from commenting too much but listen around thus voodoo black/Manchester Rap/UK Hip-Hop as underground as mainstreamed too shows some interesting things on the background as connected carefully fashionable to hear in stereo tunes. 

   From the opening Intro, In The Mix, Do What You Can (feat. Tyler Daley), Reefer Man (Skit) or the late ends vibes driving you towards the free-moving street atmosphere to dance or just nodding following the master beats to relax or to stay awake. 

Social values and daily issues must be the fuel for things to wrote down by Dubbul O this time of the year; mixing the sensibility up the pump grooves and share the rest out of his home nest !