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Moby Dick Heartbreaker (Self-Released 2016)

   Time turning back like machine traveling to the past of blasts where Live in Concert 1973: The Fourth Night at Madison Square Garden (Tribute to Led Zeppelin) by Led Zepagain as the legends’ tribute band of America playing good Hard Rock and Eastern-tinged transcending stylized themselves as the reincarnation off vocalist Swan Montgomery as Robert Plant on vocals/harmonica, guitarist/mandolin Anthony David for Jimmy Page, keyboardist and bass player Jim Wootten over John Paul Jones and the late John Bonham existence glues to Derek Smith (percussion/drums) formed themselves since the mid eighties in Ventura, CA doing this "good repeater" product.

   Highly accurate and almost authentic for having the background recording from the same era on the event being re-covering as the honorable acts to shook the stages by popularity and million downloads  which spawning best re-works there in between Celebration Day (Live) for three minutes and forty-six seconds or Over The Hills and Far Away (Live); The Song Remains The Same (Live), Dazed and Confused (Live) and even The Ocean or Thank You comes slower but electrifying still to our ears – imagining how the real hero-masters Zeppelin used to sounded like wasn’t going to spoil any characterized songs on the record. 
It’s just getting better with a slight differences, power maintaining as magic solidify and no jokes at all. 
Recorded by John Prpich.