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Milotic Xinon (Not On Label 2008)

   Ashley Charles is a ordinary game-fans and of course, the musician talented head whose really loved to making noises within good tender and sophisticate discotech atmosphere not just for entertaining thus gamers generation but as well as other public facility that liking to have kinds of type tunes like this results into the odd project musical Sabrepulse plays of Electronic Chiptune and Drum n Bass in 8bit fusion tells the audiences about the tales of the futuristic modern technology world by the name of Turbo City. 

   The good recording sessions that looping the intention tune-listed on harmonic electro bursts and echoed funny noise samplings via too much lights and modernity as well as Running in The 90’s, White Tiger, Gare De Europa, Hyperion to Cityscape Dreams explodes the inner mutation from simple gaming programs to the worldwide interests coming at you through the stereo in form of good music. One would love to have more about The Manhattan Transfer, Astronaut and Sprite Rider filling into the game session all day while the work-times stops in sudden by accident or the spinning orbit getting slower around London, UK.

Turbo City: