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Megawatt Loyalty (Laruicci Records 2018)

   Collection of Grungy songs while one imagining for the female vocalist to kiss him after playing the crank tunes and make-out sexy session above this hot template album as inspired and mastered pretty much well onto Alternative Garage Lo-Fi Pop Riotgrrl as angst and aural by the sentinel bass-lines, beats of surprising lovecraft-ians themed to the distorting riffs and chords for In My Mouth by Slut Magic team.

   Even you didn’t really knew the girls and the rest of the band members or the thrown cross on the floor can be meant something needs to rest laid on hope or it’s just an anti-religious symbol or perhaps, the semi-naked woman lying covered by chains and charm-bracelets and plastered tits really caught your attention for more growing interests coming towards the next L7 teaming-up all out but never satisfaction for sounding aloud meaningless but closely – tried to comparing themselves to The Pretenders in a better modern tuning as well as British Punk-Pop whose really can wrote down artistic artificial lyrics story over the releasing tracks: Tuesday, Gina, Adult Situations, Satan Called and The Tall Place puts down your defenses for stop wondering around and settled for this should becoming a favorable one – pick up, perhaps. 

In My Mouth: