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Mason Jar (RCA Records 2015)

   Pleased to meet the celebration meeting between Mike Kamerman of New Jersey and Sean Scanlon of New York whose collectively, relocating themselves to Los Angeles and with Beau Kunther or Joe Intile from Oregon the quartet decided to creates  Indie-Pop US based named Smallpools as the results and begin to writing materials of themselves a brand new. 

   The debut album Lovetap! Really sounded good to hear as your catchy tunes to mid-tempo cool choruses may forcing people to sing along too like them; showing how naughty years of childhood may appears in everyone just like a nasty ball punch of a bigger brother to his little younger one while mommy and daddy not looking. Most of the themes lyrics telling us about several subjects to objects in such a romance behavior as Karaoke, Dreaming, Killer Whales and American Love becomes greater than Street Fight or What’s That a Picture of ? questioning the irrelevant feelings caught the teenagers whose having either broken-heart or happy thoughts to listening this.