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Maria Bello Trigger (Ostar Productions 2014)


   Jeff Beal composing the soundtrack score music tempting to tell the entire gruesome experiences off a successful writer specialist for Crime-Thriller Mystery books – Tess Thorne whom being invited to a library for meet and greet somewhere upstate around Massachusetts as the attractive middle age woman figure whom afraid to fly choose to driving in long distances engagement as the event went great but unluckily, the short-cut quicker direction told by Ramona the organizer as suggestion leads Tess to a horrible trap where plank of spikey nails puncturing her tires as she stranded in the middle of rural remote location of nowhere as the cell phone has no signal.
A pick-up trucker stops assisting for help at first turns out to be a psycho-sex addict rapist whom with his huge fat appearance strongly overthrown Tess rejections – slapping her several times, torturing her and drag her inside the old shack as that Big Driver rapes her brutally without mercy several times until he pleased and left her to death by the night-time arrives. Tess manage to walk herself out to the sewer crossing several dead bodies of female victims in a culvert presumed to be a prey of that same damned fat man. 
   Finding helps while thinking about the scandal after the attack as she’ll be traumatized as well in worries as reputation destroyed as she reaching a convenience store and calling a limo to ride her home – thinking about her avenging plan as the incident kept for herself. 
Betsy the waitress calling her about her parking car in front of Stagger Inn soon creating bonds between them like victims of violence then, Tess realizing about Ramona whose actually, the mother of her rapist and accomplice setting her up like the other victims to go into a slick-trap made by her sex-maniac son Lester – as Tess visiting Ramona’s house who came out with a gun denies the truth as they’re wrestling hard and Tess finally, shot her dead after she stabbing her with knife as her earring found there as well Lester Norville aka Big Driver as her character from the book “Doreen” moves her to finish the revenge job with a green pick-up parked and the shot hits the brother “Little Driver” but the plan must go on. 
Driving to the real Big Driver house; Tess found out the evidence of pictures, graphic photos of their victims as well as her being raped for hours by him shows the brothers are both disgusting evil as she found him finally, outside working on a bench and shot him twice in pain bleeding Big Driver tries to follow her steps but again Tess hits his head with nailed plank reloading the gun and shot his groan calmly, watch him died. 
   As Doreen tells her to go out and the anonymous tip helping the police leads to the culvert and the Big Driver house with all evidence proven; Tess receiving another call at home from Betsy congrats her for doing that.