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Lyrik’s Battle (Self-Released 2009)

   Dreamkiller not just interesting for freedom, truth, originality as discovery, making friends to the love arts and expressive fashion as inspiring the world within their music of Theatre Rock and Melodic Hard Rock beats performed by the quartet Christy Johnson (vocals), Scott LaFlamme (guitars/vocals), Jason Cornwell (bass/vocals) and Derrick Pontier (drums) whom some used to joining force and talents sharing for bands like Bang Tango, Eric Martin, Great White to national female performer of the year which spawning this presents of catchy soulful hooks and melodies prides into groove as the recording hot for Sleepless Dreams.

   Featured to the b-rated movies and underrated female vocals then recognizable national wide entirely, for the band’s touring stages both solo and even Vans Warped Tour to Whiskey-A-Go-Go witnessing for the greatness local heroic sounds of original Hard Rock via Story Untold (Cliché’s Dance), Ragnarok, Crystal City, Theone’s Ballad or Surrender blistering thus aroma from the past nineties era on these twelve songs as Love vs. Dreams closing the objective thoughts written Heavy Metal project for the god’s love over the women attractions. 

Sleepless Dreams: