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Lontano Giorni (Darkitalia 2017)

   As favorable like U2 doing something stranger with their musical project where the collision of Alternative Coldwave, Electro and New Wave infused the low-baritone voice vocals that carries the Post-Punk emotional depression towards the performance off bravery compositions made by the duet Alessandro Gioia and Luca Milano as the production of Mimmo Frioli and Nero Moderno (the group) through the slower tuning vibes groovy and plenty amounts of total dark-popular and seminal underground as depressing things controls over souls like you the listeners. 

   Faded photograph and history secretive collides under the deposition on Diapositiva recording release as seven tracks listed there written, arranged and recorded digitally mesmerizing cold such as Prison, Cellophane, Amen, Fermo Immagine and Distanze creates thus instability along the corner coastal minds of the mourning and sorrowful vengeance to be done by the romantic rage counting hours of purification like Depeche Mode realm offers.