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Lobotorov Vulnerable (GSP 2017)

   Only for those big fans of Marie Fredrikssen and Per Gassle that this V.A. A Metal Tribute To Roxette – Listen To Your Metal Heart really means good timing to head-banging yours toward the nostalgic themed songs occurs here as the results of those Swedish duo powerful popular rock tunes works from years of their famous career and getting bigger through Europe, Asia and the rest of the world global listening to the full hits on radios and television channels as some of this metallic bands unknown trying to re-covered most of the intimate romantic songs with their Symphonic Gothic Metal classy style as the stereo motor runs. 

   Go meet the super hits like It Must Have Been Love closely, doomed to the low-tinged depressions over Deos performance or Anfel openers in Fading Like a Flower, Seduced By Suicide tells us the same question asked today on How Do You Do and the broken-hearted touches spreading through the devastating track I Don’t Want to Get Hurt performed by Lost in The Storm caught the definite emptiness measuring your remembrance of memories all over the places you left in your younger era accompanied most of the days or night together alone by Roxette tunes. 

And … suddenly, June afternoon already passing the cycle again in Moscow.