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Listen/Repeat (Bandcamp 2017)

   Calling themselves – Vikings In Tibet (weirdly) from around the north part of the Netherlands based for their build up studio and considering to compromising as Jeppe Gooskens, Marijn Gooskens, Joe Wilcox and Nils De Jonge hailing the band’s complex universal Indie-Pop music tunes as describing towards the likes for Real Estate or Balthazar in cinematic good groovy solid within ambience and Dream-Pop to Post-Rock melodious as Alternative carrying thus synths, mellotron, rhodes and piano to crying robot sound keys or trumpets through the Groningen-based recording release of Alchemy Ave. and the awesome harmonic tunes that you also might love to hear on the beautiful sad voices and melodic rhythms catacombs on beats over Silhouette, Dial 2768437 To Wake Up as well as Don’t Cry Robot, Lowenweise, Midday Moon and Trip The Light which re-builds the small world around your complex living as non-coloring views sometimes may resulting romantic memories energizing. 

Alchemy Ave: