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Levitated Corpse (Toxic State 2018)

   Run before you regret getting to damn closer to the pit moshing build by the hog or Chris Hansell, M. Gorup, Mateo Cartagena to Ryan Naideau and Sully from New York City’s Hardcore unit band named Warthog crushing the way opens as you playing them loud over thus beheading tales of bloody tortures and dreaming nightmares condition where one brought deeper onto the mountains area and hidden castles of cursed land where demons and blood-sucking creatures creates death for their own pleasure greed or lust but being later sacrificed to serving the mortal-sized cover-artworks in this self-titled of Warthog recording by Chris Bowman and mixed by Will Killingsworth pressing the depressive protests writing lyrics that roaring through Corroded (03:24), Brainwasher (02:12) and Death’s Hand which completely, bashing heads and faces like the classics Thrash Metal to NWOBHM sounds gnarled the head collections and red serpents dwelling Brooklyn and the rest of the town’s spree by the sore-throat screams display.