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“Lesson One Dome” (Lucasfilm Ltd. 2017)

   Would everyone dare to witnessing how the epic stand-off between Luke Skywalker and the armed troops of giants AT-AT led by Kylo Ren the hideous finally, happens in a padawan/master clashes of canon firing to devastates the rebel alliance’s shelter headquarters didn’t hurt or scratch Master Jedi Skywalker a bit. 
The Last Jedi will be the second installments from the next trilogy of Star Wars sequels as the eight series from the magnificent tales from somewhere in the galaxy far far away. 
   The ensemble of casts from the senior ones like Mark Hamill to the later deceased - Carrie Fischer onto Oscar Isaac to Daisy Ridley as the final resting honor to General Leia Organa’s star memories as Rey receiving her Jedi training under Luke’s teaching in hopes for turning the resistance fight against The First Order led by the characters of Finn and Poe Dameron. As the rebel fleets got intercepts by The First Order and mostly, kills their leaders in an ambush of convoy while Admiral Holdo lack of active strategy leading the rest of the Resistance ships into disapproving and scattered reality within while Rey and Chewbacca with R2-D2 trying to get Luke Skywalker into joining the resistance but his disillusion failure on Kylo Ren trainings leaving his exiled living entirely under a self-imposing depressive and anger – believes that Jedi should be extinct but as the three of them communicates unbeknownst as Rey and Kylo learning about each other within the future visions partnership. 
   The corrupted sense by Supreme Leader Snoke over Kylo Ren onto destroying Luke’s new Jedi Order and the arguable Rey left him out in Ahch-To the water planet before Yoda ghost appears and encouraging Luke to be wiser again and helping Rey. Mutiny erupts against the cowardice acts of Holdo evacuations remaining not really successfully as planned but with the hacker DJ and risky Poe with the help of technician Rose and Finn sneaking inside Snoke’s ship and the infiltration soon becoming hostile and dangerous when Kylo Ren brought Rey to meet the supreme leader; claiming that their mental connection can easily destroy Luke as shockingly – both Ren and Rey fighting the royal guards in such a tremendous light-sabers fight before assassinate Snoke using the anakin skywalker’s split-in-two lightsaber. 
As Rey thought Kylo would crossing back into the light side of the force, Kylo invites her to joining in their rule over the galaxy. 
   The album of instrumental-tracks orchestrated by the excellent works of John Williams as usual again accompanying the movie into its epic legacy story continues within The Supremacy, Old Friends, The Rebellion is Rebirn onto Canto Bight, Who Are You, The Fathiers as well as The Battle of Crait and The Spark leads the new fate of A New Alliance for a conclusion in The Last Jedi and disney’s succeeded acquisitions for the merchandises as The Sacred Jedi Text reveals about the answers that the audiences needed to learn more carefully about everything as they might be pretty much intrigued. Luke’s self-sacrificing by the use of his mighty enormous power of the force to casting his holographic appearance to distracts the first order mechanical robots from bombarding the rebels projecting the hour of his last breath as mortal human before vanishing into thin air and silence while the resistance escapes. 
The last credit end showing the children who helped Finn and Rose using their force for a broom quickly, boosts fans questions about their identity.