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Lantern (Independent 2017)

   Justin Salvant composing, mixed and mastering this release of the Electronic Future Garage to Post-Rock Electro and Orchestral soundscapes as the Salt Lake City’s project of music called 100 Day Delay tells the audience of the world about Luna project processing that carries the secret mysteries and terms of intimate or intimidation amongst the believer and the non-believers which sparkling frictions as fact and fictions might not rhyming along closed but sometimes today; people cannot really separating the differences between them just like the interesting beauty beat vibes comes out within Chrysalis for two-minutes and forty-three seconds, Atlas about incredible imaginary four minutes and forty-four seconds to Comet that blasting crosses in a blink of an eye or longer that caused your five minutes and three seconds time wasted on witnessing. 

Non vocals but awesomely, sounded familiar and understandable clearly, told the ears and hearing sense for praising the finest moments left to counts since as the cult-based signing means no one escaping too far from conspiracy realm that bounds us.