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Lago Sadica (Disembodied Records 2018)

   Death and Doom Metal alliance unit established in Buenos Aires – Argentina is one of your Classic Extreme Heavy Metal bands that arise within the next new millennium era as darkness or death despair as common throbbing growler fast drumming stronger leads this Morte group consisting for Juan Facundo Brinville on vocals, Ramiro the bass player, Lean on guitars as well as Nicolas Ballarini behind the drums blistering the crusher thoughts and symbolizing acts of destruction for the full-length album release on Miasma; the total horrific scenery that shows us the death tolls for unsaved humanity sinners and the innocence after the second coming of rotten christ displays filled blood-bath over five inches and pale bodies piling up in a room somewhere on the exclusive parts of hell awaiting you to join there.
   Old hag, mary mother of god cries because knowing how on earth the truth cannot doing anything but weaken the situation as Sendero Siniestro, El Empalador, Posesion Infernal, Deseo Obsesivo or El Ultima Aliento did care to sharing us the annihilation stories behind the suffering savior and the fails of incarnation subdue in between Obituary, Death N’ Roll or your favorite head-banger tunes of metallic charts combines.