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Ladder The Fall (Siegen Records 2000)

   Heavy Metal as like molten hot lava bursting from inside the caldera within the performance of a bit Iron Maiden weirder sounds of operatic fusion phase of metallic gash played by the metal-heads Keith Menser, Rich Davis and Rick Mythiasin or Bobby Hicks and other names member of the group baptizing the seminal extremity tuned up melodic and beat-basher of American Heavy Metal cross-over Mystic-Force troops as here standing as this newest recording collection out of the band’s new millennium catalogs really capturing still the essential rebellion aspects and terror lyrics as Thrash Metal controlling the sounds which similar to early Anthrax even the tempos sounded related but don’t worry cause Man Vs. Machine tremendously, tells us about how the artificial intelligence finally – taking over the globe and made us most their slaves before there will comes a day when Identical Stranger, Circuitboard Ministry, Terminal, Man Made Master and Thinking Out Loud shall once again freeing the humans off the total invasion of smarter brains of their own computers; which needs everyone to head-banger disguising before ready to grab your choice of weapon and charge the robot enemies, destroy them and strikes the mother-board elements harder like you kills your own mother.

Man Vs. Machine: