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Kulu Valley (Point Music 1997)

   Knowledge is more precious than gold and Modern Classical songs of instrumental displays from The London Philharmonic Orchestra that brought the audience a mighty Rock legendary tunes re-arranged with better arrangements that sacrificing only the tone vocals but others being measured here in calculates as the lady of the torch carries not the lights but sitting in glorified tower of strength as the Dawn At The Great Pyramid magnificent by order of teaching clan transcend for the mankind to learn and read thus books of secrets revealing everything that questioned since the beginning of time existence. 

   Kashmir: Symphonic Led Zeppelin means only the highest and one only higher causes – to rearranged the profiting orchestration by Jaz Coleman, conducted by Peter Scholes within the several musicians like Liam O’Flynn (bagpipes), Mel Mercier (bodhran, bones, table), cymbal by Jeff Scantlebury, Ibrahim Kowala (kaval), Rony Barak (table) and Abdou Abdel Al (arabic violin) illustrating the mixed of the west Rock N’ Roll plus Heavy Metal meets the eastern traditional wise music celebrating the entire good deeds spawning tracks forum written by Plant/Page or Paul Jones there in such a gorgeous beauty of instrumental legacy on through The Battle of Evermore, When The Levee Breaks, Going to California as well as Friends and All My Love. 

As which the strengthen Classical Rock modernity seemed to reaching a new level with this calmer possessions that produces sounds that distributes calmness to taming the wilderness world and civilized it a brand new by age conscious ambient remix.