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Konservasi Konflik (Yayasan Kajian Musik Laras 2017)


   One personnel playing the acoustic melody and reflecting themes about nature, sarcasm, socio-politics to humorous thoughts by the ideas coming pops in like Folk-Pop flowing from the mountain range down to the waterfall of dreams and reality images off Bagus Dwi Yanto profiled music project named Sisir Tanah (taken from the farmer’s fork helping to loosen soil) means a lot to make every ears in the bahasa lyrics and beyond loves to hear this similar to Neil Young’s broken-hearted records or local street musician equivalent to his daily works singing about cultural satire or commercial effects on middle class conservatives people - whom only thinking about profits and the take and give methods for life.

   This recording of Woh (means fruit in Javanese) becoming your media to knowing him pretty much well through non-motives performance  over slower tunes and peaceful spirits by the Bantul man provides the notes turning songs with feelings on optimism reacts following the movement of tales within Indonesia tracks like Lagu Bahagia (song of happiness), Lagu Wajib (song of anthem), Kita Mungkin (as we might be), Obituari Air Mata (tears of obituary) to Lagu Romantis as well as thus eleven minutes and thirty-four seconds long progress music and seminal life-bands too available for the album. 

Did you see the beautiful land destroyed from the inside by its people shortly, quickening ? 
The new Indonesia …