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Kingpin (WireTap Records 2016)

   There has been recently - another case of abduction somewhere around San Jose, California as being reportedly causing local furor but soon being cover up by the releasing of catchy music in Pop-Rock purchase tunes recorded by Jaake Margo (vocals/guitar), Randy Moore (lead guitar), Weasel Bleu (bass/back-up vocals) and Adrian Lindorfer (drums) being the only witnesses for seen how their best friend and also girlfriend in yellow skirt being sucked up the dark sky by the flying saucer before the night they’re decided to make thus experience for the songs interpolation resemblance for Get Married’s Into The Cosmos (mini-album) mixed and recorded by Ryan Ellery as well as cover illustrator from Miklya Pietersen undone the seminal non-releasing Heavy Rock Garage songs for the extended play but then, it is being released completely as the honoring head-bang punkish moments of their lives with her presence but now gone.

Forever in search but guess cannot be found – Kuzco’s Poison to Dream Boy to New Neighbor length to one or three minutes more specialized towards the expectance naming music favorite for skaters and broken-hearts lovers living in their suburban tower called malice.

Into The Cosmos: