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King Of Pain (The Militia Group 2005)

   Either you are a big fans of Andy Summer or Stewart Copeland or Gordon Sumner alias Sting as the performance of The Police trio with high quality techniques on remarkably, playing the hits music off their mixed Punk-Reggae tunes career and this time letting the next generation from your new millennium community of Emo-Core to the melodic Punk-Pop and Metal-core joining forces to paying their honorable to the legendary rock band within V.A Policia: A Tribute to The Police really relieving and means positive to adds as the acts for celebrating how these twelve tracks covering almost the entire extraction of the band consisted for contemporary performance but sounding a bit hard/bitter/courageous and energetic to hear by as many audience likes to expressing their interpretation over the subjective/objective and the middle story telling glued through the romantic and memorable tunes recorded here by Bradtson or Fall Out Boy singing Roxanne, Synchronicity II (No Motiv) gears out to the Next To You from Big Collapse, Wrapped Around Your Finger (Underoath), Maxeen did Murder By Numbers onto Every Little Thing She Does is Magic or Every Breath You Take like the countless million castaways arrived at the shore of uncertainty in a foreign land while the conflicts destroying their lives since a long time has been – caught as concerns for The Police to wrote down some of their highlighted tracks famous and makes people develops a mind-changing person to build not destroying home.