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Karoshi Head (Self-Released 2007)

   Grunge attacks of the Alternative Metal Noise as Indie Rock consuming the essential non-smiling minds of your capital values just like endorsing by these Sydney, Australi’s Grise - a teaming burning blasts via long titled album release off I Am Damn Unsatisfied to be Killed in This Way within ten tracks listed howling as homicidal crew led by the female unknown figure and many excellent destructive riff-age constructed there as the fool died of broken-hearted and alienation of its own time but anger cannot be tolerates and controllable as Doppelganger, Hello Midget, Try not To Sleep, …And They Came and Went, Is This a Test? Or even Crawl – pulls the reality that nothing sacred causing problems shouldn’t be cursed at all. Everybody has their prices and so did greed had its karma way of payback.

Desperate towards thus malicious screamo-growling tunes to scaring you, lame asses generation for a real bad bad nightmare !