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Karma Police Exit (Anagram Records 2001)

   Shall some people who cannot performing kinds of musical instruments must be stopped from making music ? The probability answers should be found there on the releasing on Various – Anyone Can Play Radiohead: A Tribute To Radiohead by the Electronic, Goth-Pop and Synth-Rock Indie artists/bands that you probably, never heard before like Silent Gray happens to had a change to mixing the softening cool but eerie beats of Electro sounds version off Fitter Happier, Aleister Einstein got the radio-hits from Thom Yorke and co’s Creep or the haunting Goth-models seductions via No Surprises by Paige as well as Dot Fash* in pretty much doing their good parts singing to everyone whose always being the loneliest people of the world to Stop Whispering and starts to traveling through out the places fantastically, shouting energy onto Planet Telex and Meegs Rascon & Paul Riviera most pleasure balladry recons over Everything in its Right Place as the fans would loving how these compilations treating the painful sides of the abandoned hospital walls and loneliness depression – a gladly overcome themes to share all over the sadder minds just like Lunasect tells us How to Disappear Completely (And Not Be Found) before we shining to bright and caught attentions that chain-ing our own self-freedom by the public demands.

V.A Anyone Can Play Radiohead - A Tribute to Radiohead: