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Kanashibari Point (Zombie Shark Records 2018)

   Imagining pretty face mature teenage in firm quality of how your dream female would becoming alike Is the front cover drawn as the Napier, Hawkes Bay – New Zealand crew of Alternative Modern Nu-Metal shockers under the membership names listed as Teiki Utiputona, Chris Smith, Ben Persen to Nick Blow and Luke Tither having a similarity sounds that’s going to reminder about Deftones but closely, not relevant to be developing as a copy-tunes distort and body contact of catchy thoughts as well as the band’s amazing recording album filling with stray-screaming, total ear-drums feeding and blinded hopeless lyrics or themed closing the entire twenty-four tracks which been written by the band as they’re breaks thus boundaries and commercial emblems in between sing-along and hatred angst tutorial manage to be secluded there as the musicians off Come To Dolly thrown this effective head-banging console tuning as Desire (Deluxe Edition) which spawning If I Lead You To The Moon, I Move The Star for No One, Ghost in Space, Saichi, Harmonize with Chaos, The Ascension, Elysium, Send Me an Angel and Tonight We Fall among others as Angerfist Endlessly would asking question of Are You Human? As Prevent The Cure with viruses means over-populated problems really swollen and ready to blow soon. 

You won’t liking it when it happens ! 

Desire (Deluxe Edition):