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Just Jump Footprints (Independent 2014)

   Hailing Toledo for having a chance on giving the world an opportunity to see the performance from one finest Rapper from the place in Spain bringing his Horror-Core meets Hip-Hop Rap slower but clever on the same time. Harsh lyrics and cursing words to be made blending well as the long ability to the sophisticated sounds being eagerly, shown there for you as DTS or Dan The Saltline communicates to the audience by the parody cover comedy but serious songs for Rap/Rock mixtures with Latino macho thang inside this releasing on Danny The Dinosaur; riding it – the long neck of brontosaur as you a kid whose dreaming to climb one gigantic friendly thunder lizard from the prehistoric era with the Gangsta-Rap tunes loudly cranks  and brought the compensation towards Take Me to Your Leader, Confessional, Coffins (feat. Majik Duce & Ritto) onto Oxygen, Flat Line and Young Walking Dead crossing the infamous reality on Zombie Metropolis as rappin’ flows the messages to your inner-self making the understandable what DTS wanted to rally says to all. 

“People keep dying who knew that’d be when we’d last speak; family ain’t said it but feel I’m someone that they can’t reach” totally, says it in the most meaningful way how black people can relates ! 

Danny Tha Dinosaur: