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J’avance Seul Mort (Offside Records 2018)

   Get the equipment ready for the battle as the killing begins to you comes out and fight for your life under the oath works formidable sarcasm violent following this Oi/Hardcore temperamental band from Brest, France as Ciemos, Damien Lannuzel, Doug, Jean to Lionel Cadiou being loyal for calling themselves a gutter street rock band – Coupe Gorge. 

For the discography only listed recording release so far is the group’s annihilating album entitled Troubles which shoving thus problems all on to your throat and ass within the condition check on reality Punk issues among over-populated nations and criminals and domino effects over the regulation and policies off the vast wealthy countries that will blown up your brain for good. 

   Go fuck yourself and die or cranking the volume for Stupide Trahison, Addiction, Envie Destructrice, Precipice and 100 % proving how broken our society really is collectively, being slave and enslaved by the powerful hands that invisibly cannot be seen by regular eyes but one can smell the filthy odor of the most French lyrics written and burnt the stage down for mass-screamo and protests with reasons to fight !