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Jandals Yellow (Powertool Records 2005)

   Pleasure with harmonies and Pop-Jangle melodies by the perfect Folkish song-written and more Pop tunes celebrating how on earth Spring’s peak turning into Summer might sounded like by having our New Zealand song-writer Gina Rocco and her team-mates The Rockettes including The Bats’ crew Robert Scott or guitarists Donald Fems and Glen Ross to drummer Ants Anema teaming-up for this release of Sea Tulip; an adorable album which consisting of many great tunes that would sending your thoughts and imaginations flew out crossing the places to the special territory where things look better and peaceful would be the option as one being explosively soft and melodious for Drugstore to A Smaller Hand (accordion, harmony vocals by Bridget Ellis), Pigtails, Feathers (vocals, guitar, keyboards by Chris Howard) or Splinters onto Frisbee (Robert Scott on vocals) as recorded by Tim Shack and Dunedin. 

So purely perfect like your grandma’s glass bottles collection. 

Sea Tulip: