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Ion Vein 31 (Crimson Mask 2007)

   Cranking your volume aloud and let thus track-listed carried the darkest side of our own prince of darkness incarnation through the Black Sabbath frontman figure originally brought horror to the right main spot again since the first appearance means that Various Artists Madmen of Ozz: The Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne might really releasing the incantations over the worshiping towards Heavy metal and Hard Rock extremities versions that listed here foremost to Extreme Heavy Metal bands did harsh total onto the hand-wrote ideas arrangements by O. Osbourne, R. Daisley, R. Rhoads and L. Kerslake in better faster and brute characteristic re-build in again through the performance all out onto Steal Away The Night (Killswitch), S.A.T.O from Deceased, Decay of Salvation doing Believer, Sanctorum screaming on their edgy wicker-evil on Bark At The Moon, Soulless opening the show within The Ultimate Sin gnarls or Over The Mountain from Tyrant plays are most hardly not to be avoid for you – the loyal fans of Ozzfest or Heavy Metal general for this opportunity. 

Let the hooded occult-people sacrificing your girl and raise your fucking horns for the lord master of this world ! 

V.A Madmen Of Ozz - The Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne: