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Information 01:37 (Bandcamp 2018)

   Toronto’s Tashme should looking regularly, original but dull as old musician and young rockers unite to be totally, busting their guts out and merely surprising you all – with their strong hardened punching music as Hardcore Punk Ontario for the self-titled bursting thus terrible tremendous energy of the dark matters lyrics which causing authority to seeking more background towards these rioting embed enclosure seminal non-patriots coalition of Jackson W, Campbell F, Lautaro C and Matt A but born to adding more social values to the world gone mad and greedy as the crazy tyrant general may going to plotting a military coup and destroying the peaceful country in one hand, exploiting the fear and the loyalty of his fellow countrymen to the worst level as death destruction such a pity example happened through our history.

Conspiracy and concentration camps build being told in the most brutal ways via 09/11/1973, Last Laugh, What’s It Worth?, Stagnant and Where You Fall giving the strobe-lights upon the solution for population extinction viral story from the underground !