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In The Kitchen (Retrohash 2017)

   Sounded like Hustle, did like hustling and more rhyming rapping signing and too questioning the truth by music writing in total non-heyday fusion but latest ideas covering his own manage sounds for differences purposes would be the atmosphere where one could find through Asher Paul Roth or Asher Roth album shall being released as the Dope Shit multiple experiments that co-hosting the way Charlie Chaplin role-plays and empowered by Hip-Hop anniversary really catching the interests not just only from Hip-Hop and Rap lovers but as well as far onto many Classic Jazz-Pop and moderate tempos seekers looking for the high quality mixing above and had Pabst & Jazz in stereo edition sharing its artworks of artistic and the fully making of a brand new spirits for Old School Rap and Alternative Rap path for the comeback this year. 

   Let the Classic Rock vintage sounds blasts your unbeliever heads whilst Common Knowledge passing through your veins slowly and More Cowbell did the remedy to those Hard Times of daily troublesome as bread and wine means something concrete like proves of miracle via this Art-Deco and more Hip-Hop Rap package from Asher Roth. 

Pabst & Jazz Session: