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Iguazu (Self-Released 2017)

   Thinking Of goes into air faded but didn’t really loss in touch after three minutes and twenty-five seconds as well as representing as always a listening thanks for the miraculous helping by talent musicians such as violinist Yvette Holzwarth, upright bass player Matt Orenstein, drummers Conor Malloy or Parker Law and electric guitarist/acoustic guitar/harp player within thus saxophone/flute/bass/clarinet of our main performer Tristan De Liege transitioned his interests of explorations for Electronic music, Hip-Hop as well as Downtempo jazzy and orchestra arrangements of loving film scores which released this EP project of his solo recording and instrumental musical production off Los Angeles area background and beaches and mountains and highway deserts In Transition titled. Four seasons and more to experienced by the exploration experiments just like these six tracks: A Vision in Green, Painted Sky, The Wine-Dark Sea and thus photographic artworks mingled into one uniting package of non-vocals album to share. 

In Transition EP: