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I Fold Much More (Language Of Stone 2009)

   I Wish I Knew opens the american female songwriter and singer of Brooklyn based or New Jersey born Ms. Sharon Van Etten’s Acoustic musical performance which sounding soften Folkish but as well sensual beloved to hear on your stereo radio channels after the morning rain season that November first week troubling lives nurtured the essential lyrics taste of wiser words into Indie Rock and Country World songs written and arranged by the beautiful dark-haired girl on the releasing albums number seven entitled – Because I Was In Love measuring the feelings of lost and found over the women’s intuition flavored tunes where tears turning into joy and dying dried out re-fresh by the freshly dew and hopes likewise the intentional tracks upon the listed tunes for different occasion reveals on (It Was) Because I Was In Love album for the good reasons and answers for all alike I Fold, Consolation Prize, Have You Seen, Same Dream to Tornado and Holding Out or It’s Not Like as well as Have You Seen; correctly, collecting every pieces that used to be scattered everywhere and imagining the wandering wonders of dream-ideas or self-inflicted stories may vary results in such tremendous ends.

Happiness is due but still free for us … 

(It Was) Because I Was In Love (Deluxe Reissue):