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How Sad, How Lovely (Revolutions Per Minute 2018)

   When you heard her whispering voice and harmony musically of written tunes by the rootsy Nashville, KY sounds – one would definitely fallen in love not because of the rowdy country-tunes but the relevant Folkish talks from hearts to souls ever-searching the intimate entire peace by using good popular approaching song-writing/singing gladly, in soft tempered and beautiful soften looks as Joan Shelley recording may taking you slow into the tip-toeing moments remembered over back-pages or lost memories sets to be forgotten about how really beautiful life still is.

   World, Country and Folk blended well there lies to be drawn in pretty much attempts to lullabying everyone to the warm bed and loving care family within the listening of this. Rivers And Vessels composed with the bass playing of Kevin Ratterman, drummer Sean Johnson to many vocals addition from Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Daniel Martin Moore and Doug Paisley over the track recording covers of Nick Drake’s Time Has Told Me, J.J Cale’s Magnolia, Dolly Parton’s Bridge and traditional tunes of Silver Whistle got yourself a fine time having this positive listenable compilation album of her …

Rivers And Vessels: