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Hot Spurr (Dischord Records 1997)

   All the compiling tracks as the resulting works out of this initial together playing in group by Christina Billotte (bass, vocals, drums), Mary Timony (guitars, vocals), Nikki Chapman (guitars, vocals) and Melissa Berkoff (drums) for their band Autoclave brings the Punk-Pop and Alternative Grunge based in Washington D.C area for these clever Riotgrrrl movement softened soaring and smooth distortion over their own background taste off the other local heroine sophomore bands like Slant 6, The Spells, Helium and Witchypoo resulting a good penetration for listening moment as about the issues on daily problems and female intuition scattered ideas over the man’s world competitive realm brought the Indie Rock really long-haired rising to the chills and the standard tempos story-telling into melodious music onto the self-titled album. 

Get the smart equality in between Bulls Eye, I’ll Take You Down, It’s Not Real Life or Go Far and Still Here – build solid onto the learning solid for any MTV victims genre to known the truth about reality shows in front of their silly faces by the girl in a band here.