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Hopelessly Mediocre (Indecision Records 2018)

   Includes over guitarist Brad Logan on vocals as well as Eva Hall Gather on lead vocals, Donny Morris on drums to Mike West the bass player; leaving their previous bands like F-Minus, Intro5pect or Leftover Crack and now feel not too weird to exploring newer simplicity moods and modes within the vocals attacks or jagged rips Hardcore branding as comparison might gets them to be seen as the next valuable players continuing the NYC generations but really – Rats In The Wall means something bigger than just Punk-rebellious actions caused of their background of Huntington Beach’s metallic based tuned makes the band sounded alike Sick Of It All with female voice and still critically, awesome to head-bangs you.

Warbound would be the miniature album that could exploding the clubs and pits in minutes and aggressive Post-hardcore era may thanking these rock-heads for the non-stop eager hardworking efforts until this happened.