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Hook In Mouth (Crimson Mask Records 2007)

   Never let your Heavy Metal vision goes faded cause you shall found out the betrayer you really are soon getting punished by the atomic explosion wars of all ages nation; blasting Thrash Metal meet Speed Metal cross-over torturing thus whom being a traitor to the true fans once to Dave Mustaine and Megadeth within the incoming package for slicing the throat by slashers in this Various This Is The News – The Tribute to Megadeth straight live from the spot of annihilated devastating points that scrambles around through-out the entire worldwide warning-news flash.

   Many unknown names of groups are desperately, consisting by consistency roaring the make ways of such tremendous cover-version tribute recording on some of Megadeth’s tracks that once and still thrashing you up – fuckers. Meet Killswitch, Habean Corpus, Abhorrent or Wasteland which plotting their performance bringing the songs such as The Conjuring, Peace Sells, She Wolf onto the opening Go To Hell by Darkside, Fury shredding Symphony O Destruction and Mind-Ashes calls for the infinite infamous Holy Wars… The Punishment Due as well as Killing is My Business… And Business is Good from Pessimist wrapping thus twelve enigma passionate coverage tuning on seminal fast Heavy Metal typhoon classics honoring the technical smart gods of modern Thrash crew of your lifetime. 

Nobody’s really that humane !