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Hold Alt + Delete (Self-Released 2016)

   Re-arranged your beats in rhythmic tubes tuning high when the creepy low beats seems to be haunted the product musical written Hip-Hop to Gangsta Rap fusion as J-Green creates his own fused project under the moniker of Jgrxxn as everything could be yours by the serving block hard wrist in a fist fights prolonging thus Southern Rap basic to Trap sounds off Atlanta and harsh lyric rappin’ bustle and hustlin’ the cramping pie fuckin’ to nigger world jumping as bitches would start screaming and the fast cars destroyed while parking by the unknown force unleashed from the ten tracks recording release via the reference of disgusting steamer album – Ra to the nearby district waving the middle fingers to the face of our critics and whore media to eat shovel these arts off their throat and fat asses onto the favorable fucks tuning on Trailer Park Boys, Jug mane Jug Mane, Xombie or He Rose on The 3rd Day as well as Preach It To ‘Em – referencing the reality that the hooks made as inspired by Alicia Keys’ harmonic, deadly beauty and bravery sound of Georgia music, bi…atch !!!

This is NOT Trash